Seymore’s “Not So” Magical Moment

Fall 2019

Seymore's "Not So" Magical Moment | Seymore D Fair | Children's Drug Education Story Book

Children’s Drug Awareness Storybook

Clues abound, and that super sleuth Praline is hot on the trail to break open this new ‘Cruppet’ thriller of the school year!  The creator of ‘Seymore, Critters & Friends’ takes you on a journey through the swamps of the south, where tomfoolery and magic is the cornerstone to this suspenseful and sketchy experience for one very unlucky Critter.

Seymore turns to his fellow Critter Club members for help with Tuffy, the scrappy and often frosty turtle.  Club Leader Cat-fish lends a hand ... as Pepe’, Jean Claw, and Mary search out clues to Tuffy’s peculiar behavior and baffling transformation. 

In the shadows of the dark and misty swamp, they crisscross paths with the bumbling but always-cunning Bernie … and the notorious Jake the Snake, both misguided souls whose so-called magic must be overcome by Seymore in order to save Tuffy from certain peril!

The story is full of unforgettable characters - all leading to a climactic showdown … or throw down on the bayou...!