Kiki’s Red Ribbon School Celebration

Kiki's Red Ribbon School Celebration 2019

Kiki's Red Ribbon School Celebration 2019

Seymore D’Fair Foundation has developed the new ‘Seymore Salutes Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration 2019 program for Louisiana. This celebration is designed to facilitate school and community engagement across Louisiana to keep children and families safe and drug-free!

Community Celebration

Seymore encourages all Louisiana communities to support the ‘Louisiana Is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free’ Campaign and for Elementary and Middle schools and to join ‘Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration this October.

Kiki’s Red Ribbon Week program is available to all Louisiana Elementary and Middle School free of charge and provides each school with a 5-day drug prevention activity package.  Designed by Seymore’s Education Team, the program provides schools with a structured micro drug prevention curriculum that meets all Louisiana education curriculum standards.  

Kiki Camarena and Red Ribbon Week History.

The Red Ribbon Campaign® is based on the legacy of Kiki Camarena, DEA Special Agent, who died in 1985 after being kidnapped by Drug Gangs in Mexico.  The annual mission of the Red Ribbon Celebration is to present a unified and visible community commitment towards the creation of a DRUG - FREE AMERICA.

The program also complies with Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:154 & 17:404, which mandate that all state Elementary and Middle schools provide 16 hours of annual drug prevention instruction, per student, per grade level.

Program Messaging and PTA Support

To reinforce the Drug Awareness and Prevention Celebration, PTA’s can purchase and display campaign materials with ‘Louisiana Is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!’ Logo & Slogan. Proceeds from the sale of ‘Drug-Free’ themed merchandise will help support school’s continuing drug prevention efforts and promote the “Drug-Free’ message year-round. Order for your family, students, staff, faculty and encourage them to wear proudly during October 23rd - 31st.

 Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration Activities | 5-day School Program

  1. Seymore Heroes Day:  Honoring those Committed to Drug-Free Lifestyles. 50-minute Classroom Session introducing Kiki Camarena via bio, legacy, and connection to Red Ribbon Week and discuss Kiki’s induction into Seymore’s Hall of Heroes

  2. Seymore Goes to the Capital:  Promoting Drug Awareness. 50-minute Classroom Session on how Seymore’s new Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free License Plate became law

  3. Seymore Talks:  Crazy Color Day about Medicines & Drugs. 50-minute Classroom Session introducing the basic premise of Medicines and Drugs via drug fact sheets that categorize 14 specific drugs into Good, Bad, & Dangerous Drugs

  4. Seymore Selfie’s Day: “It’s All About Me!”. 50-minute Classroom Session on self-esteem involving goal setting, identifying personal strengths like ‘who are you’ and ‘what are you good at’ or ‘positive things about yourself.’

  5. Seymore’s All-Stars Day: “Assembly of the Red Ribbon Week Stars”. Individual Classes participate in school-wide Seymore’s Scavenger Hunt Substance Awareness and School Assemble to Recognize the week lessons learned.