PRE-ORDER Louisiana’s Official “Drug-Free” License Plate TODAY

Coming 2019

You can ‘pre-order’ your “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” and help the children of Louisiana live “Drug-Free!”

When you buy a “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” plate, your purchase is twofold by (1) supporting the creation of drug awareness, education, and prevention programs for Elementary and Middle schools that promote “Drug-Free” lifestyles and (2) spreading Seymore’s “Drug-Free” Lifestyle message across the streets, roads, and highways of Louisiana!

Cost of Plate:     $50 Fee Every Two Years Over Your Normal License Fee

The History of Seymore’s “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug Free!” Specialty License Plate

Seymore’s new “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” Specialty License Plate was created and authorized via executive approval during the 2018 Louisiana Legislative Session. Northshore House Representative Reid Falconer sponsored HB 777, which received unanimous consent from the Senate and House, then forwarded to the Governor for executive approval during the regular session. On April 18, 2018 Governor John Bell Edwards signed HB777 creating Act 283, authorizing the LA Department of Transportation to produce and issue Seymore’s Specialty plates, beginning September 2018.  

How to Order your license plate | Options

When ordering Seymore’s “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” Plate, the DMV will APPLY any portion of the registration fee remaining on your current license to your new purchase. You DO NOT have to wait for your renewal date to purchase Seymore’s “Drug-Free” plate.

 The cost of a “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” Plate will be $50 for two years over the regular cost of your normal license registration. You will also pay a onetime fee of $3.50 to the DMV.

OPTION 1. | GO | to DMV Website

To order online, visit the DMV website by clicking the button below.

Begin by entering your license plate number and select the Seymore D Fair Foundation “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” License Plate from the pull-down menu in the “Special Interest” section. Your purchase amount will be automatically calculated, then click “Ordering Details” at the bottom of the page.

Next …  click “Order Form” at the bottom of the next page. Fill in all the information, print the form, and mail it to the address on the form together with a copy of :

  1. Your Vehicle Registration

  2. Valid Copy of your Insurance Card

  3. The Payment Amount Shown

Once your order has been received and processed, the DMV will mail the license plate to you.

OPTION 2. | VISIT | DMV Office In-Person

Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles Office near you.

You will need a copy of:

  1. Your vehicle registration

  2. Current proof of insurance

  3. Payment - check or cash 

NOTE:     Not all DMV locations will stock Seymore’s “Drug-Free” specialty plate.  They may ask you to return to that DMV office once they are ordered

Seymore’s “Me 100% Drug-Free” License Plate | Official Louisiana Drug-Free License Plate

OPTION 3. | PHONE | DMV Office

Call the LA Department of Motor Vehicles: (225) 925-6371

When phoning the DMV, you will need to provide the representative with YOUR current license plate number. They will calculate the cost and provide you with the exact amount you must submit in the mail to purchase Seymore’s “Drug-Free” plate.

When mailing, you need to send:

  1. Copy of your vehicle registration

  2. Copy of your current proof of insurance

  3. Check or money order to cover the cost of Seymore’s new “Drug-Free” plate provide by the DMV representative.

NOTE: The DMV is often hard to get through on the phone. If you have trouble with any of these methods, please contact the Seymore D’Fair Foundation via email at: for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I just moved to Louisiana, what should I do?”

If you recently moved to Louisiana and have an out of state license plate, you CANNOT use the online or phone method to order your plate.  You must go to the DMV and discuss this with them.  They might require you to go to Baton Rouge.  Or, you can get a normal Louisiana plate, and then use the methods above to get a “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” plate.

“I thought Seymore’s “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” plate was only $25?  Why was I charged more?”

The “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” plate fee is $25 per year.  Since the DMV registers plates are on a two-year cycle, the fee Seymore’s “Drug-Free” plate is $50, plus a $3.50 state handling fee.  Any cost over this amount is the PRORATED COST owed on your normal license registration. 

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