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Seymore’s Foundation offers a variety of drug awareness, education, and prevention programs geared to Elementary and Middle School aged students. These programs are designed to entertain students while providing comprehensive alcohol, tobacco, and drug content. Each subject is developed to be ‘age and grade level appropriate. For more information about Seymore’s Educational Series …. click here

Seymore’s Legacy Drug Awareness Initiative

  • 1987 Seymore, Critters, and Kids “Just Say No to Drugs"! …. learn more

Drug Awareness Initiatives

  • Seymore’s “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug Free!” Louisiana Motor Vehicle Specialty License Plates … learn more

  • Seymore “Selfies for Substance Awareness” … learn more

  • Seymore “School Art” for Substance Awareness … learn more

  • Seymore’s “Drug-Free” Model Schools … learn more

  • Seymore’s ‘Not So Magical’ Moment … learn more

  • Seymore’s Community Awareness Initiatives for Substance Awareness … learn more

Drug Education Initiatives

  • Seymore Salutes “Kiki’s Red Ribbon School Celebration” - 5 Day activity filled Drug Awareness, Education, and Prevention Program … learn more

  • Seymore Says “Don’t Be a Bird Brain” Avoid Drugs! Elementary & Middle School Curriculum … learn more

  • Seymore’s ‘Not So Magical’ Moment … learn more